Passages: 10 pieces for Paul Termos
Raoul van der Weide
16.50 (incl. shipping + tax)

'The Contra Bass Wails and Roars'

'Passages' **** (GeestGronden # 24 / 2006) 

Raoul van der Weide dedicates these ten contra bass solos to his friend and colleague, the composer and saxofonist Paul Termos who passed away in 2003. This personal connection ensures that 'Passages' is significantly more than the mere display of technical achievements or an exploration of sound. All the pieces are straightforward and frequently a poignant expression of a thoughtful, emotional being.

Raoul van der Weide's major source of inspiration is David Izenzon, the nimble improviser and melodious bassist who at one time was Ornette Coleman's sideman. On this disc you hear the same creative agility, although at times you are instinctively reminded of Charles Mingus, particularly his 'Conversations' with Eric Dolphy on bass clarinet where the two battle one another and eventually make up. Likewise, Van der Weide's contra bass intermittently speaks, wails, roars and shouts, especially on Bokkenrijdersvariatie (Goat Riders Variation) , the only piece based on a composition by Termos. A CD consisting entirely of bass solos puts some people off and it is by no means easy listening, but for those who overcome their preconceived ideas will be rewarded with an intense musical experience.

Frank van Herk De Volkskrant, March 30, 2006 Amsterdam, The Netherlands




€16.50 (incl. shipping + tax)


Raoul van der Weide: contrabass solo

Track Listing:
1. F 4:20

2. Etude 3:20

3. Polish and Perish 4:11

4. Close-up in slow motion 5:15

5. Ankerwolken 5:30

6. Song of facts 8:03

7. Arcondition 5:34

8. Bokkenrijdersvariatie 4:29

9. Double 5:36

10. Kotology 3:41
All compositions by Raoul van der Weide

except theme Bokkenrijders by Paul Termos

Recording by Dick Lucas, Bimhuis Amsterdam April 29th 2005

Editing Dick Lucas, Raoul van der Weide

Production Geestgronden CD, Raoul van der Weide

Cover: Raoul van der Weide, Melle Hammer

Release: GG24

Thanks to Fonds voor de Scheppende Toonkunst